The Sanctum

The Interfaith Council of Rossmoor sponsors the sanctum, a room located in in the northeast corner of the Dollar Clubhouse. It is a place where residents can go to read, meditate, pray, or converse with others on matters of the spirit and soul.

One thought on “The Sanctum

  1. Hi. I am interested in connecting with the Interfaith Council. I previously worked briefly with the Berkeley Interfaith Council.
    FYI: I personally have NO denomination whatsoever. Although my grandfather was an Orthodox rabbi, my family ceased all religious indoctrination when I was very young. I accept (or reject) all faiths equally. I am concerned about any and everything that separates people, be it religion, race, patriotism, any form of us/them exclusionary beliefs. Thus, I am horrified by proselytizing and bigotry, In theory, I am in favor of the true brotherhood of man and a one world community. Hope to hear from you. Peace, Jim

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